5 tips on how to effectively manage the buyer’s journey

In the digital world we live in, it has increasingly become the buyer’s market. Today, customers have every conceivable information at hand, in the form of their smartphone, tablet, PC or other devices that are connected to the Internet. This allows them to get all the information they want about companies and products that they […]

WebLeads 6.0 for Google Analytics just launched

As we move into 2021, when more and more companies are expected to focus on the digital customer journey, digital lead generation appears to be the call of the hour. Securing constant access to new leads, augmented contacts, and relevant communications have become the most important areas for growth and success in all B2B industries. […]

Lead Scoring For MailChimp

Sending regular newsletters is not effective. It takes time and is certainly not very good ROI. The solution is lead scoring for MailChimp. The goal is automatic emails. Emails that build and send themselves to the right recipient, at just the right time and with the right content in relation to the recipient’s customer journey. If you already use MailChimp […]

How to do Cold Calling – Get our Free best practice Script

Cold calling is still a fast, cost-effective, and powerful part of the B2B sales process, and a skill every salesperson needs to master – but it’s not easy. It’s a massive challenge to deliver a sales pitch to someone who has never heard about you or your offerings. However, cold calling is still with us […]

Mailchimp Users Destined for Delight – Automation With Leadscoring for Mailchimp

Fastbase‘s new lead generation tool LeadScoring for Mailchimp is now fully integrated with the international marketing automation platform and email marketing service Mailchimp – currently used by over 1.2 million companies worldwide. Mailchimp users can run targeted campaigns triggered by Fastbase LeadScoring, contacting the most relevant leads with the right message with perfect tim...

How to fine tune Fastbase WebLeads and never miss a big deal

Never miss a visit from a prospect that is genuinely ready to buy at a premium and lose the deal to a competitor! The vast majority of your visitors will leave your website without doing anything at all. That means you’ve wasted time, money, and energy getting users to your website — only for them […]

Get the most from Fastbase WebLeads

Tracking website visitors before they leave without a trace is critical for companies! As much as 90% of website visitors look and then leave anonymously. Be sure to tune WebLeads so that you know which visitors are leads and to take action on those leads as quickly as possible.  Leads for your business are the […]

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