1: Accounts

Pay only for Websites of interest

Q: In my Google Analytics I have 6 accounts, but I want to see one website in Fastbase WebLeads. That means I have to pay $49 instead of $39. How can I reduce my accounts? A: You pay for the number of profiles The price of the subscription depends on the number of profiles (domain) […]

White Label for agencies

As a marketing professional or web agency, building websites or running ad campaigns, you need to provide your customers with value added reports on website traffic and leads to help them grow their business. Here are a few examples: Visitor Report showing who is visiting the website Channel Traffic Report showing which channels are driving […]

Privacy Policy

This content is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice. You should seek legal advice or other professional advice in relation to your Privacy Policy Your Privacy Policy should state that you use Fastbase WebLeads to collect IP addresses for analyzing website traffic and identifying companies visiting the website. No personal data are […]

How can I add other people/users ?

You can share access to all of your WebLeads account or you can invite users to selected websites. How to invite a user You should be logged-in to Fastbase WebLeads as the account owner and then follow these steps: Click on the profile picture and then click on the “Invite User” button Select the radio […]

Managing my account

I have lost my login Please sign in using your Google Analytics account. Fastbase connects with your Google Analytics data and shows you exactly which companies are visiting your website through network reports. In addition to company name, it brings other data together into an easy to use dashboard, including the location of the visitor, […]

Products and subscriptions

Where can I see my subscription? Just below your username, you will see your subscription level. Most people will see ‘Premium’. How do I change my subscription? Click on Pricing in the horizontal banner menu.   Can I buy monthly for 2-3 month and then change it for a yearly payment ? Yes. Here’s how. […]

Close a service or account

How do I cancel a subscription? 1: Click on your profile picture and then click the Settings 2: Select Account Settings menu. 3: Look for the section Subscription Plan and you will see a Cancel Premium button which turns red as you mouse over it. Click to cancel. The cancellation is valid from the next renewal date […]

Billing information

What happens with recurring payments after 30 days free trail? On sign-up you have to input your credit card to get 30 days free trial of the full premium version. After 30 days you automatically get billed for the next 30 days. If you cancel before the end of the trial and don’t continue as […]

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