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How to install the script on your website

To install the script – you will either be prompted on login, or once logged-in you will see a blue button “Install WebLeads 5.0” below your username. Simply click on it and follow the instructions. WebLeads Script will provide significantly more leads combined with your Google Analytics data. Script will add location of the visitor, […]

How do I add a new website?

You can add new websites (aka properties in Google Analytics) in Fastbase WebLeads by first adding the websites (properties) in your Google Analytics account and then syncing it with Fastbase. To sync your Fastbase account with Google Analytics please follow these steps: In Fastbase: Click on your profile picture and click the Settings button, scroll […]

WebLeads filter explained

What are Google Ads leads? If you are using Google Ads – these will be any leads that have come from Google Ads. What does “NEW LEADS” mean? New Leads are those leads who visited your website for the first time during the selected time period. Can I filter Leads by website Yes, you can […]

What are unidentified leads?

These are visitors from Google analytics or the Fastbase script that we cannot match to a company because the IP address is not associated with one.  The unidentified leads are mostly ISP users or individual users using dynamically allocated IP addresses. With unidentified leads we count every time they visit, whereas with company leads we […]

How do I export WebLeads to a spreadsheet?

You can download WebLeads to excel on your desktop or Google sheets. Please note, this service is only for Premium members. Excel Click on ‘Download Webleads’ and you will find the spreadsheet in your downloads folder. Google Sheets Click on “Export to Google Sheets” and then open https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/ and you should see the file called […]

Manage websites in Fastbase

In Google Analytics I have a few websites. I want tracking for only one website. There are a couple of ways to achieve this. You can use the ‘invite users’ option. Once you invite another user/email-id then you can give that user/email-id permission for that domain only and the invited user/email-id gets to see leads […]

Is it possible to use Fastbase without installing the tracking script?

Webleads 5.0 was built following Google’s removal of key fields from Google Analytics in February 2020. The upgraded version includes a small script to install, like the Google Analytics code on your website, that will allow you to take full advantage of WebLeads because it will show visitor interactions on your pages. That is very […]

What are the criteria for a lead to become a hot lead?

If a company is a frequently returning visitor then they will be flagged as a hot lead. We are working on an update to our system which will allow you to assign scores to certain behaviours – lead scoring. Lead scoring gives you an overview of your hot leads. We will track your leads’ digital […]

How do I add tracking to another website?

To add a new website (aka property in Google Analytics) or edit the website (property), you first need to do it in your Google Analytics account. Once added in Google Analytics then you need to sync your Google Analytics account with your Fastbase account. To sync follow these steps: In Fastbase WebLeads: click on your […]

Why are web leads missing page views?

Earlier all the leads were coming from your Google Analytics account but now you get leads from both Google Analytics and the WebLeads 5.0 Fastbase Script.  Have you installed the script? Do you see a blue button “Install WebLeads 5.0” below your username? No? If you do not see the button the script is installed.  […]

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