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WebLeads filter explained

What are Google Ads leads? If you are using Google Ads – these will be any leads that have come from Google Ads. What does “NEW LEADS” mean? New Leads are those leads who visited your website for the first time during the selected time period. Can I filter Leads by website Yes, you can […]

What are unidentified leads?

These are visitors from Google analytics or the Fastbase script that we cannot match to a company because the IP address is not associated with one.  The unidentified leads are mostly ISP users or individual users using dynamically allocated IP addresses. With unidentified leads we count every time they visit, whereas with company leads we […]

How do I export WebLeads to a spreadsheet?

You can download WebLeads to excel on your desktop or Google sheets. Please note, this service is only for Premium members. Excel Click on ‘Download Webleads’ and you will find the spreadsheet in your downloads folder. Google Sheets Click on “Export to Google Sheets” and then open https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/ and you should see the file called […]

Manage websites in Fastbase

WebLeads views your Google Analytics (GA) data according to the number of Properties you have. On the top left, there is a drop-down that allows you to filter any individual property. By filtering you can focus on parts of the business according to your properties in GA and then you can reach out to leads […]

Why are web leads missing page views?

Earlier all the leads were coming from your Google Analytics account but now you get leads from both Google Analytics and the WebLeads  Script.  Have you installed the script? Do you see a blue button “Install WebLeads Script” below your username? No? If you do not see the button the script is installed.  To install […]

Can I see website pages viewed by website visitors?

To see the visitors interactions and which pages were visited, you need to have the WebLeads script installed and then you will see a green indicator next to the WebLead and when you click on the lead you see the interactions on the following page. To install the Fastbase Webleads script kindly click on the […]

What are Contacts?

Fastbase WebLeads shows a list of contacts/people that we have identified as working at the Company/Domain in the WebLeads dashboard. The contact information has been taken from publically available data.  Do you track individual persons? We do not track the specific person visiting your website(s) nor private or mobile visitors or ISP’s. Did the contact […]

How do I export leads to Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It is an integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer. Steps to export WebLeads to Salesforce 1. Login to Fastbase WebLeads 2. Click on the “Export […]

What is Fastbase WebLeads

Tracking website visitors before they leave without a trace is critical for companies! As much as 90% of website visitors look and then leave anonymously. Be sure to tune WebLeads so that you know which visitors are leads and to take action on those leads as quickly as possible. Web Visitor Tracking Identify your website […]

How to install Fastbase Webleads

In this article, you will find several tips to get the most leads from your web tracking. 1.    Make Sure Google Analytics is connected Google Analytics provides a lot of statistical data about your website visitors. To see which companies are visiting the website, Fastbase looks up the visitor IP in our world class […]

Identify your website visitors and get more interaction details. Enhance Google Analytics with the WebLeads tracking script.
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