2: WebLeads

Why are no results shown in WebLeads?

If you have just signed up then it can take a while to synchronise Google Analytics, the Fastbase script and populate the additional data from our database. We normally ask you to wait for 72 hrs for this update to occur. It may take less time though. Just below your username and the two feature […]

Can I see website pages viewed by website visitors?

To see the visitors interactions and which pages were visited, you need to have the WebLeads 5.0 script installed and then you will see a green indicator next to the WebLead and when you click on the lead you see the interactions on the following page. To install the Fastbase Webleads script 5.0 kindly click […]

What are Contacts?

Fastbase WebLeads shows a list of contacts/people that we have identified as working at the Company/Domain in the WebLeads dashboard. The contact information has been taken from publically available data.  Do you track individual persons? We do not track the specific person visiting your website(s) nor private or mobile visitors or ISP’s. Did the contact […]

How do I export leads to Salesforce?

Salesforce is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It is an integrated CRM platform that gives all your departments — including marketing, sales, commerce, and service — a single, shared view of every customer. Steps to export WebLeads to Salesforce 1. Login to Fastbase WebLeads 2. Click on the “Export […]

How do I add a new website?

You can add new websites (Properties) or Edit websites (Properties) in your Google analytics and then you need to sync it with Fastbase. To sync your Fastbase account with Google Analytics please follow the steps: In Fastbase…. Click on your profile picture and click “Setting” button, scroll down and click “Update profiles” Once you get […]

What is Fastbase WebLeads

Tracking website visitors before they leave without a trace is critical for companies! As much as 90% of website visitors look and then leave anonymously. Be sure to tune WebLeads so that you know which visitors are leads and to take action on those leads as quickly as possible. Web Visitor Tracking Identify your website […]

How to install Fastbase Webleads

In this article, you will find several tricks to get the most leads from your web tracking. 1.    Make Sure Google Analytics is connected Google Analytics provides a lot of statistical data about website visitors. Google Analytics provides you with the geographic location of your website’s visitors. This can be interesting from many different […]

Identify your website visitors and get more interaction details. Enhance Google Analytics with the WebLeads 6.0 tracking script.
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