How does Fastbase find the data?

Fastbase WebLeads provides an extensive list of your website’s business leads, including detailed company and contact information. This gives you a clear picture of who is visiting your website, what pages get the most visits, and what content is being the most read.

Google Analytics and other web analytics services provide statistical data, which is helpful, but since you don’t know which companies are visiting, it’s difficult to act on these leads. Webleads reveals the companies that are visiting your site, turning once anonymous leads into business contacts.

By getting detailed information about your website visitors, their interactions on your website, and their interest on specific sub-sites, you can begin to create distinct customer profiles for your target audience. This helps marketing to identify your website’s visitor behavior and also empowers your sales with lead generation.

Is Fastbase Webleads GDPR Compliant?

Please see: https://analytics.fastbase.com/Privacy_Policy Fastbase only tracks and identifies businesses and not individual users. So if a business was to visit your website we can show you exactly which business that visited, what pages they have been looking at and how they came to the website (and a whole load of useful information) but what we cannot show you is which specific individual from that business was the one visiting. Instead we are able to show you a list of people within the business that might be of use to you and in some cases provide ways of contacting them.

Is It Possible To Use Fastbase Without Installing The Tracking Script?

The Webleads Script was built following Google’s removal of key fields from Google Analytics in February 2020.

The upgraded version includes a small script to install, like the Google Analytics code on your website, that will allow you to take full advantage of WebLeads because it will show visitor interactions on your pages. That is very useful to know if they were returning to a product page or pricing page, for example.

Yes you can use Fastbase without installing the script but you will be missing out on interaction details.

See how to install Webleads Script

Why are no results shown in WebLeads?

If you have just signed up then it can take a while to synchronise Google Analytics, the Fastbase script and populate the additional data from our database. We normally ask you to wait for 72 hrs for this update to occur. It may take less time though. Just below your username and the two feature buttons you will see when the last update happened in blue.

How do I verify the installation has been done correctly?

If 72 hours has passed since your registration, you should be able to see WebLeads in your dashboard if you have had visitors to your site. See what information is in Google Analytics. You should have more than 30 visitors since code was installed on website. 

Still do not see any results then please contact us via chat or the support@fastbase.com email.

Identify your website visitors and get more interaction details. Enhance Google Analytics with the WebLeads tracking script.
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