How do I install WebLeads 5.0 script?

Fastbase WebLeads collects the basic information of the visitor, such as IP address, location, device type, and browser name, and uses this data to identify your website visitor. Google Analytics dropped support for some useful reporting fields and the script replaces that data and more.


How do I Install the script?

You should be prompted by a popup the next time you login or there will be a blue button at the top right of the dashboard

When will I see a difference?

It usually takes about 12 hours to synchronize. When the script is running the next day you should begin to see leads in the menu item WebLeads. When you click on any one of those with a green indicator you will see further detail such as interaction details and length of time on a page.


Once the script is installed will I see historical data for those leads?

You will see detailed data from the time you installed the script onward. There is also historical data from before February when Google Analytics still supported the domain and service provider fields.


How do I know the script is installed?

You will see leads in WebLeads with green indicators and the blue “Install WebLeads 5.0” will not be visible.


How do I Install on a WordPress site?

  • Login to your site’s backend or admin
  • Go to plugins > add new
  • Search for headers and footers plugin and click on installnow
  • Once it has installed click on activate

Once activated, open “Headers and Footers” and put above tracking script in “Scripts in header” box. Once again click “Save” to finish it.


How do I install using Google Tag manager?

Under the workspace of your Google Tag Manager, go to Tags and click ‘New’. Set a name for your new Tag and click ‘Tag Configuration’.

Select ‘Custom HTML’, copy the provided Fastbase Analytics script and paste under HTML. Click on Triggering to create a new trigger, select ‘All Pages’ and click ‘Save’. Once the tag is created click ‘Submit’.


What do the Orange and Green indicators show?

The green shows leads with interactions which came from the 5.0 Fastbase script, the orange shows visitors reported from Google Analytics and for these ones it has not been possible to retrieve interactions for that visitor. If you click on a WebLead with a green indicator you should see which pages they visited and when. Here is a more detailed explanation.

Starting February 4, 2020, Google Analytics no longer populated the Network Domain and Service Provider data fields. The fields remain in the product for legacy usage, but will no longer be updated. These fields were used for filtering out internal traffic at your company but also to identify companies. Over the years, Service Provider and Network Domain information has helped both website owners and marketers to better understand their website visitors.

Fastbase has tracking technology as way of retrieving data on website visitors – WebLeads 5.0 script. We advise you to authorize and connect using your Google Analytics signin, that way any improvements we make to increase interactions will automatically be seen on your account.

Identify your website visitors and get more interaction details. Enhance Google Analytics with the WebLeads 6.0 tracking script.
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