How does Fastbase find the data?

Fastbase WebLeads provides an extensive list of your website’s business leads, including detailed company and contact information. This gives you a clear picture of who is visiting your website, what pages get the most visits, and what content is being the most read.

Google Analytics and other web analytics services provide statistical data, which is helpful, but since you don’t know which companies are visiting, it’s difficult to act on these leads. Webleads reveals the companies that are visiting your site, turning once anonymous leads into business contacts.

By getting detailed information about your website visitors, their interactions on your website, and their interest on specific sub-sites, you can begin to create distinct customer profiles for your target audience. This helps marketing to identify your website’s visitor behavior and also empowers your sales with lead generation.

Identify your website visitors and get more interaction details. Enhance Google Analytics with the WebLeads 6.0 tracking script.
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