Get the most from Fastbase WebLeads

Tracking website visitors before they leave without a trace is critical for companies! As much as 90% of website visitors look and then leave anonymously. Be sure to tune WebLeads so that you know which visitors are leads and to take action on those leads as quickly as possible. 

Leads for your business are the life-blood.

The number one challenge marketers face in 2020 is generating more leads. Leads should pour into the sales funnel and contribute to your sales pipeline.

In this article, you will find several tricks to get the most leads from your web tracking.

Understand the Dashboard

The dashboard shows how many leads that you have in total. You can change the period of time.

  • You can see New leads, Hot leads
  • And if you’re using Google AdWords you will also see Google Ads leads.
  • Recently we added Unidentified Leads in a response to a request from our users. 

Each company listed under the Visitor column shows you leads from a company that has visited your site. It is a clickable link which on the next screen shows much more details. There will be an orange or green traffic light to the left of the WebLead which denotes that you will see page interactions if there is a green one or there are no interactions available if there is an orange one.

As you go down the list, if you do not recognise the company, click the company url in the next column to get a quick orientation about them.

If the company is a potential client then click on the name in the Visitor and you will get information of where they’re based, a link to their website, company summary and all that kind of relevant information about which pages they’ve read on our website. 

Select Columns to show in dashboard

Use the Visitor Details button (top right) to assign what information about the company you would like to display in the dashboard columns!

Filter Your Properties

WebLeads views your Google Analytics (GA) data according to the number of properties you have.
On the top left there is a drop down which allows you to filter any individual property.

By filtering you can focus on parts of the business according to your properties in GA and then you can reach out to leads at the right time according to the business vertical.

Targeting the right lead

It is crucial to make the right contact. When you click on a WebLead you will see a list of contact details of particular people within that business including a link to LinkedIn. Choose the most appropriate business person in the list. If you’re a marketing company – then typically target the marketing director, marketing manager or even the MD himself.

This has enabled many of our users to close valuable deals. Have a look at who’s coming to your website and try to make contact with them through various different means whether it’s social media, email or sometimes a phone call is necessary, and they’re usually pretty impressed with that because you are ahead of the game. Contact them before they’ve gone about trying to figure out who they should go about speaking to at your company.

Identify your website visitors and get more interaction details. Enhance Google Analytics with the WebLeads tracking script.
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