How to fine tune Fastbase WebLeads and never miss a big deal

Never miss a visit from a prospect that is genuinely ready to buy.
Never lose the deal to a competitor.
And never, ever fail to call a lead from a big deal opp.

The vast majority of your visitors will leave your website without doing anything at all. That means you’ve wasted time, money, and energy getting users to your website — only for them to say “Thanks, but no thanks.” We can’t let a big one get away.

Contrary to popular belief buyers want to hear from sellers and they want to hear from them early. In fact, 82% of buyers accept meetings with sellers. These buyers want to meet sellers early in the buying process.


In this article, you will discover how to use some of the more advanced tools in Fastbase WebLeads to catch hot prospects at the right time and shorten your sales cycle. Later this year we will add lead scoring and later email automations to automate this process but until then, let us show you how to set up an email alert, export your leads in spreadsheets or CRM, use stats and maps to aid your decisions and keep focused on the potential of big deals.

Get a Daily Email Alert to Quickly Check potential leads

Save time in the morning by checking for any priority leads via your inbox. To set this up, click on your user name in the WebLeads home page and then click on the blue button “settings”.

Once on the settings page, choose email alert and set up the frequency to ‘daily’. Each morning you will get a snapshot of the new leads and can decide if urgent action is required.



Export Leads to your desktop

Quickly manipulating leads in an excel pivot table can save time and show you quickly which are the important leads. The new lead scoring feature will largely automate this process but until then here is a quick way to pick the low hanging fruit.

Access the “Export Webleads” button just under your user name and choose ‘Export to Excel’ with ‘all columns’ checked. 

Once you open the download, create a pivot table and pick the filters important for your business. For example, country, revenue, number of employees and contact person. Within excel you can quickly sort the important columns and bring to the top those with high revenues and contact emails. For further checking you may go to the WebLeads dashboard and see which is the right contact to call.

Use Stats and Maps to aid decision-making

The stats option is a very quick way to get any immediate gauge on the web-site visitors. On the left side you see the top visitors by country – are you active in the top country? Is the site localised? 

The middle display shows the most active webleads – are the ones in this list current customers or prospects? The right side shows visitors by industry – is there an industry which is not part of a current marketing campaign? Maybe it is time to reach out. 

The graph shows the visits from identified visitors. A quick eye-ball of the map also shows immediately any markets that might be growing for your business in a country or area that you are not active in.

A quick eye-ball of the map also shows immediately any markets that might be growing for your business in a country or area that you are not active in.

Look at patterns in the interactions

Interest patterns are compelling because they show not just who people are, but what they are interested in. One customer in real estate shared with me an example of a company who visited their site — he could see they came through Google, but more importantly, they searched for “apartment for rent,” which is relevant to their company.

They spent nine minutes on their site and looked at a total of 12 pages, so they spent a long time on the site. But they spent the most time looking at office spaces and facilities.

Using Webleads, you can get a ton of information about that lead, including where they work and possibly even their email address. You know what they are interested in, and you can give that information to your sales team to use — or you can use that information to set up specific campaigns. 


To sum up, fine tune WebLeads with these more advanced features and make the most of Fastbase WebLeads. Look at what WebLeads is telling you about your visitors and your leads and use the information to highlight the important big value deals and don’t let them slip away to a competitor.

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